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Inside Sales Representatives

Skip the hustle and bustle of networking to reach new leads or build a solid referral system. LeadGeeks' team will start taking the tasks over once you sign up. Helping our clients maintain that salesperson-customer proximity has always been our central purpose.

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Lead Generation Specialist

Jam-pack the top of your sales funnel without getting overwhelmed by the hassle of prospecting. LeadGeeks will provide your in-house reps with sidekicks available to generate up to 200 information-qualified leads a week.

This package will also help them refrain from doing tedious email blasts. What are you waiting for? Hire your dedicated lead specialists now!

Data Cleaning And CRM Specialist

Never lose track of your leads, even when other tasks keep you from staying tuned.

LeadGeeks can provide you with a team that is always in place to monitor the development of your CRM. Here come the specialists to help you turn raw data into actionable results!

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Personalized Sales Journeys for Lasting Customer Engagement

LeadGeeks understands the importance of keeping customers interested and building strong relationships. Our clients trust us to help convert leads into opportunities.

Every prospect should have a complete journey through the sales process. That's why we work hard to guide them to the end of the sales funnel. In making sure they feel important, we use personalized emails for each prospect.

LeadGeeks Iteration Cycle

4 recurring steps towards a quality project

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STEP 1 - Alignment Period

We focus on understanding your company, products and/or services. We make sure that our goal is aligned by using collaboration tools to do Objectives and Key Results (OK) planning with you.

STEP 2 - Preparation Phase

LeadGeeks team will start conducting initial research and doing technical tasks needed such as preparing contents and setting up tools or accounts

STEP 3 - Project Execution

Your specialists will use their expertise in generating qualified leads and running campaigns within your target market using various types of methods.

STEP 4 - Project Review

Our Operations Manager will discuss with you what went well and what went wrong every week. Based on the results, we will collaboratively find the solution.


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